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  1.  Attendance to Class should be regular.
  2. Students should not indulge in any activity which may be injurious to others or to the organisation.
  3. The VFTA has every right to suspend or expel any student found misbehaving or misusing the name of VFTA.
  4. VFTA will not be responsible for any accident that may occur in the class premises or outside it.
  5. Fees should be paid on or before the First lesson. Fees will not be refunded.
  6. VFTA will not be responsible if students do not complete their course in the stipulated time due to irregular attendance or insufficient practice.
  7. Students need to abide all the Rules and Regulations mentioned above as well as those framed in the future..



Vital Force Taichi Academy is dedicated to bringing the best service in fitness and wellness to the community, enabling practitioners to get the most out of their body and mind.


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Phone: +91 94496 33267

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