At an early age, I began my Yoga practice at my residence with a Yoga Teacher coming home to teach my elder Brother and me.

We learned Atha Yoga and I loved doing all the Asanas.

At the end of the sessions he would ask us to meditate for 10 minutes. I just could not fathom what that meant but I would imitate him and sit with my eyes closed and every few seconds peek to check if we were done with the Meditation.

For several years, I didn’t understand the depth or meaning of ‘Meditation’…The closest I experienced it was in my Prayers- my communication with my ‘Guardian Angel’ and at times, my direct ‘connect’ to God I would imagine.

It was years later, after having explored several techniques, like Mindfulness Meditation and Vipassana,

I realised the simplicity and effectiveness of Meditation.

I began to feel a sense of Calming in my Emotional mind (Xin)and an Awakening of my Wisdom Mind (Yi).. As my Spiritual journey continued and I began to realise that I am what I think! I recall Sartre’s saying ‘’I think therefore, I am”! I also understand that Greats like Einstein found solutions in deep Meditation or dream.

Being a kinaesthetic person, I could come into a very relaxed state through movements…The gentle, soft, graceful and flowing movements of Taiji Quan/ Taichi enabled me to come so easily into Stillness… It is no wonder that Taichi is called a Moving Meditation.

To me, this was a safe and Sacred space, “’my Embryonic space as I would call it “. I could cut off from the world and enjoy this 21 minutes of Bliss!

As years went by, and as my practice deepened, I was able to do sitting meditations as well as Standing Meditations ( Wuji Meditation) .

I have learned to include Ancient Meditation techniques like the ‘’Embryonic Breathing”, Five Gates Breathing, Girdle Vessle Breathing etc into my practice – Sitting and Standing Meditations and adapt it to my personal Qi gong practice as well as in my Class.

This enables my Students as well to Regulate their Body, Mind and Spirit. Meditation helps nourish and stimulate the Brain cells which require 8-10 times more oxygen than any other Organ in the Body! It also helps balance the Qi in the System.

The Mind is so powerful, it can create, it can heal, it can travel to places…it is free, has no boundaries, It can work towards doing good for Society, help conserve the planet, or help build Missiles to destroy.

The mind can build Nations, make you fall in love with Life, be compassionate, just by tapping on the power and ability of the mind to think, one can lose weight or help transform a sinner to a saint!  

’Where the Mind goes, the Qi will follow’ ‘therefore, it is important to gently bring the mind to the Lower Dan tien, our Energy store house situated about an inch and a half beneath and below the Umbilicus/ Navel. With Practice, the clamouring in the head will reduce and one could think with much more Clarity.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Meditation helps the mind to get into a state of Stillness or Nothingness or No Extremity: in this state, Healing takes place. The Body is capable of regulating itself given the right space and environment.

One could Meditate at Home, in their Work place or even in a railway station while waiting for a train!

Begin small with 5 to 10 minutes of practice a day! Build it up gradually!

You could go up to 45 minutes to an hour every day.

And you could do it at least two to three times a day.

An ideal time is in the morning, on waking up, when you are still drowsy or in a semi-sleeping sate when the brainwaves are in Theta state.

Meditation further helps build your Immunity and help diseases disappear! It could be introduced even to children to enable them to get focused.

Meditation makes your mind Peaceful- enables you to comprehend the purpose of your existence, soon you will rediscover the twinkle in your eyes and the Glow will reflect on your face! It will lead you to Enlightenment!

You could learn these simple techniques in just 8-10 classes.

Join us in making the world a more Blissful place!

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