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Tai Chi is for every age, body type and fitness level. It is a meditative form of martial arts which is recognized as one of the oldest exercise systems in the world. It comprises of slow, gentle and rhythmic movements designed to gradually enhance relaxation, inner peace and calm.

It is also classified as “Meditation in Motion” and is one of the most accessible exercises that can be practiced by almost anyone, irrespective of age or gender.

Tai Chi is gentle, but powerful.

Students who have been practicing Tai Chi for months say that it’s more than just a form of exercise, it’s actually a framework that teaches one to “live a life of fulfillment.”

In classes, we take you through a complete step-by-step process that encompasses the full scope of Tai Chi Forms and Movements. True progress in the method requires commitment and practice.

The classes are conducted by Master Cicily Thomas who has completed her training in China under Grand Master Fu Sheng Yuan and under his son Fu Qing.

She has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in Bangalore for the past 2 decades.

The classes are conducted in mornings in our 4 centers in Bangalore with an awesome group of cheerful people.

Here’s What Our Students Have to Say About Us:

I was suffering from chronic backpain and used to be bed-ridden for 10 days at a stretch. I used to take pain killers to deal with it. My back-pain completely eased out after 2 months of Tai Chi. It is not just a skill that you learn, but a way of life. I recommend it to every school child in India.

Anu Agarwal


The repetitive slow movements mimic modern-day physiotherapy, but this ancient art form combines rehabilitation with strength, balance and grace. I never thought I would be able stand on my left leg, let alone kick with my right at the same time! But Tai Chi has enhanced my physical abilities, quietude, improved concentration and quicker reflexes and also made me a happier and more confident person. I’m glad to have learnt something so simple yet powerful that will keep me going even when I’m 70. 


Editor, Zilker Learning


Register for your FREE session at any of our centers in Bangalore.



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What can I expect to learn from any of these courses and what are the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi?
  • Understanding Qi and Qigong.
  • Sense, feel and Embody Qi
  • Learn the 5 Regulations: Body, breath, Mind, Qi, Spirit
  • Enable Qi flow/ circulation in your body. Preventing illness by improving Qi and blood flow with Soft, Slow, Gentle, Flowing, natural movements
  • Improve your body’s alignment/ posture
  • Rebuild and Strengthen your joints, bones,
  • Loosen and strengthen your back. Restore health of the spinal column
  • Prevent, treat and heal Arthritis
  • Prevent further deterioration of conditions
  • Natural long-term solution for recovery
  • Strengthen lower limbs with Qi walking and improve the balance
  • You can also read our articles on Qigong and Tai Chi to get more of an idea.
What is Wuji Meditation?
“Wuji” means No Extremities, Nothingness and Stillness. These meditation techniques help you reconnect with Mother Earth. These techniques will Strengthen the lower body, permit free circulation of the Qi throughout the body, opening blocked areas and rejuvenating and revitalising them.
What is Qi walking?
Soft, slow, gentle walk keeping to Principles of the Yin and Yang to strengthen the lower body, increase the Wei Qi/ Immunity. It works on strengthening the girdle vessel.
What is Taiji Qigong Shibashi?

Taiji Qigong Shibashi is drawn from the Yang Style Taiji and incorporating the soft, gentle and Slow breathwork of Qigong. It is a gentle and flowing Qigong exercise routine that is energizing and relaxing. It helps as an introduction to Taiji Quan. If you are looking for something simple that you can continue to practice for a lifetime, this exercise set is for you.

Qigong can also be used as a warm up for the Taiji forms. It will build a solid foundation for your Taiji Quan practice. It introduces the basic elements of weight shifting, co-ordination of hand and leg movements together with controlled breathing.

The complete Shibashi set comprises of 18 forms and takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the number of repetitions.It is suitable for all ages.

What can I expect by learning Taiji?
The Yang style Taiji is the most popular Taiji style practiced by millions of people worldwide. It is a combination of a physical exercise, breathing technique and a moving meditation. It has its roots in Ancient Chinese Martial Arts. By practicing Taiji on a daily basis, you relax the body, calm the mind  and soon you will notice improvement in the way you feel, breathe and  move. You will start to feel wellness and health. This enables the body to come into a calm and relaxed state of being and allow the body to heal naturally. Regular practice also helps strengthen muscles, joints, bone- density, ligaments etc. Improved vitality and longevity
What is Baduanjin/ Eight Pieces of Brocade?
Baduanjin Qigong, is an Ancient Chinese Exercise & Fitness Practice and is a form of Medical Qigong.  This form is also called The Eight Pieces of Brocade (it is thus called as at the end of the practice it would feel like one is wearing a dress made of a rich soft, silk fabric).  Baduan jin is for Improved Fitness, Vitality, Healing, and Longevity. It can be practiced by everyone. Once one masters these forms, one could establish a simple medical qigong workout for 20 minutes a day and keep illness at bay.
What are Crane Forms and how do they benefit a practitioner?
The Crane forms mainly stretches the lower body. Crane Qigong is a system of mental visualizations and gentle physical movements that open the meridians of the body, through which the Qi flows. The effects of clearing the meridians can be experienced as improvement in physical health, including lower blood pressure, increased flexibility, sounder sleep, less pain, fewer headaches, improved immune system function, and increased energy.
What are Centering and Pushing Hands, (TUI SHOU) and Basic Self Defense Techniques?
“Centering and Pushing Hand”s techniques are simple methods of developing one’s balance, rootedness, sensitivity, listening skills speed and reflexes. A must for Taiji Quan practitioners, it is the foundation to understanding Martial Applications in Taiji Quan and the first step to learning self-defence techniques.
What will be the contents for the test in order to become an Instructor?

You will be tested for the following:

  • Skill and dedication.
  • Competence and Confidence as teacher and guide.
  • Ability to teach Safely and with high integrity   
  • Comprehensiveness of knowledge


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