Workshop 1: Eight Pieces of Brocade

Baduanjin Qigong, an Ancient Chinese Exercise & Fitness Practice. This form is also called The
Eight Pieces of Brocade (thus called as at the end of the practice it would feel like one is wearing
a dress made of a rich soft, silk fabric).
Ba duan jin is for Improved Fitness, Vitality, Healing, and Longevity. It can be practiced by
Once one masters these forms, one could establish a simple medical qigong workout for 20
minutes a day and keep illnesses at bay!

Workshop 2: Five Animal Sports or Frolics

The Five Animal Sports or Frolicsfor Children as well as for Adults is one of the most ancient and
popular sets of medical qigong exercises. Hua-tuo, the most famous Chinese doctor in ancient
China, designed the Five Animals Frolic based on Chuang-Tzu’s Taoist practice and traditional
Chinese medical philosophy. Passed down for nearly 2,000 years, it is an effective, fun, and
humorous way for Children and adults to stimulate, awaken and energize the qi (vital energy)
inside the body, contained within the meridian channels and cavities.

Workshop 3: Embryonic breathing

Embryonic breathing: Is an ancient meditative practice which was kept a secret in the Taoist and
Buddhist monasteries until recent years. It is the foundation to Qigong and the root of spiritual
enlightenment and longevity.
Practicing this breathing technique, one can learn to regulate their breath, mind and spirit. This
technique will enable one to conserve the Qi (Vital Force or Energy), and store this Qi in abundant
levels in one’s system. It is a method by which we could build Quality and Quantity of Qi, calm
the Emotional mind (Xin)and Awaken the Wisdom Mind (Yi)…It is a way to reconnect us with
Nature. The I-Ching talks about it.

Workshop 4: Taichi Qigong Shibashi (18 movements)

Taichi Qigong Shibashi is a very gentle, soft and flowing Qigong exercise that is deeply relaxing at
the same time energizing. This set of 18 forms is done in a particular order with six repetitions
using abdominal breathing.
Shibashi is based on the philosophy of Taiji and extracts some of the best movements from the
Yang style Taiji quan and Qigong breathing techniques. Taichi Qigong Shibashi enables the Qi to
circulate throughout the body enhancing the functioning of the Respiratory and Circulatory

Workshop 5: Basic Yang Style Taichi for Beginners

The Yang style Taiji quan is the most popular taiji forms practiced all over the world.
This workshop is only an entry point into the world of taichi, to understand its meaning and
The movements are slow and fluid, enabling the practitioner to relax and to sense the flow of
energy in their body.
The underlying belief of this soft form of martial art is that everything in the universe depends on
the interplay and interaction of two vital energies, ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’. In Chinese philosophy,
everything in the universe including the human body is made up of opposing forces of the yin and

Workshop 6: Centring and Pushing Hands, (TUI SHOU) and Basic Self Defense Techniques

Centring and Pushing Hands techniques are simple methods of developing one’s balance,
rootedness, sensitivity, listening skills speed and reflexes. A must for Taiji Quan practitioners, it
is the foundation to understanding marshal Applications in Taiji quan and the first step to learning
self-defence techniques.

Workshop 7: Qigong Massage Self and Partner Massage

Is one of the oldest methods of healing, is built upon five thousand years of progress and a highly
refined, solid theoretical foundation. Used to improve health, slow down aging, and treat many
types of illnesses, Qigong massage is a wide and deep healing science, and the root of many other
popular forms of massage therapy.
The fundamental techniques and theory of Qigong massage that therapists can use to enhance
their skills, and deepen their knowledge and application of Qi (energetic) healing.

Workshop  8: Qigong for Seniors – Simple qigong Exercisesfor Wellness, Balance, Immunity,

Anyone at any age and state of health, from the fittest to even those recovering from surgery,
can benefit from these practices. In fact, the low intensity moves are well suited for Elderly
people and could do wonders to rejuvenate them.
Designed for the beginner Qigong practitioner, these gentle breathing, stretching and
strengthening movements activate the Qi (energy) and blood circulation in the body, helps to
stimulate the immune system, strengthen the internal organs, and gives abundant energy.
Works also to ward off diseases like Alzheimer. One can practice these simple and effective
exercises in as little as 20 minutes a day.

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